Dominik Senn

Dominik Senn (born 1967) is an entrepreneur and sports manager since the mid-nineties and is considered one of the most successful sports marketers of Switzerland. He was the founder of the Inline Hockey Championship SIHL that achieved in the years 1996 to 1998  great response. Later Senn developed and designed the Swiss Ice Hockey All-Star Games to a profitable top event that filled the Bern Allmend Stadium regularly with more than 10,000 spectators.

In 1998, Dominik Senn overtook the commercialization of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and designed the a central marketing concept for the Swiss Ice Hockey. Among other things, Senn designed the PostFinance Top Scorer. The big coup was than succeeded in the summer of 2000, when together with IMG (International Management Group) Senn acquired for 64 million Swiss francs all advertising and TV rights of the Ice Hockey Federation SEHV for 5 years. These advertising and TV right were sold for more than 70 million Swiss francs to sponsors and television partners. This is until today the largest sports marketing deal within Swiss sports. In the same year Seen and the IMG overtook the Tour de Suisse. He acquired all the sponsors and ensured the funding of the Swiss cycling event. In addition, Senn acquired, managed and marketed Roger Federer the greatest tennis player of all time and represented more world famous athletes such as the ski racer and Olympic gold medal winner Luc Alphand. Senn is the founder and CEO of the current global sports marketing agency 4sports & Entertainmanet AG. 4sports is one of the leading athlete management and sports sponsorship agencies.

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