Construction project Erlinsbach – Six Condominiums

Location [CH-5018 Erlinsbach / AG] and general data

Erlinsbach, not to be confused with the neighboring village of Erlinsbach SO, is a suburb of the town of Aarau. Near the city and yet situated in the countryside, it is a preferred residential community. In addition to a considerable number of farms, the hospital Barmelweid  and the nursing home Laurenzenbad, the population has a powerful and wide range of craft, commercial and service companies available. Together with Erlinsbach SO the village has a cross-border county school, a kindergarten, a primary school and a high school. The next district school (Gymnasium) is located in Aarau.

Project data

Land area: 1200 m²
Building: 1
Condominiums: 6 pieces
Total living area: 1000 m²

When planned special care was taken to integrate these into the existing environment. The garden will be redesigned and equipped with seating and BBQ area as well as a playground. The building envelope and the interior walls are made with JASTOPLAN stones from pumice that do have very good insulation values and guarantee a healthy climate. The entire development is carried out in a high standard, the apartments are spacious and modern planned. In addition to the garage the installation of a lift is provided. For detailed information, please contact Hakan Cambel.

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