Investment solutions

Investment Solutions

Alternative investment categories – our core competency

 In selected areas and upon specific request, we provide our customers with concrete recommendations for direct investments. These recommendations typically do not come from the traditional asset classes, as we delegate these in accordance with our services in asset management to appropriate partners with above-average track records. Our recommendations for investment solutions therefore usually come from the area of alternative investments. We either have a personal interest in and special market knowledge of such investment solutions, or we look into relevant investment opportunities on the basis of specific customer requirements and requests.

Examples of such investment solutions are:

  • Real Estate investments in rising/ emerging markets
  • Private market solutions (equity & debt)
  • Property investments (individual & collective)

Furthermore, in all the above-mentioned investment solutions we offer target scouting. In this connection, we access in particular our extensive network of entrepreneurs at home and abroad.

Traditional investment categories

We likewise offer consultation in the area of traditional investment categories, however, collaborating here predominantly with our external partners whom we have carefully selected because of their above-average performance.